Monday, May 16, 2011

Liveblogging the Distilled Live Site Review

Here are the key questions during the site review:

  • What are your goals for the site?
  • What is your key conversion?

Then, we get to the follow-ups:

  • Your calls to actions are weak.
  • What are your keywords?
  • Are you saying that search is not the right channel? It's a B2B site (!? Rand Fishkin suggests using LinkedIn to find the right people. Site is now getting a lot of suppliers in China looking for distributors, but that's not their market.

Then we get to technical details:

  • Are you using Zemanta (suggests links to related content as you're writing your blog post). It's a way of getting relevant links and connecting to other web sites. You connect to them; they connect back to you. Works on blogger.
  • Use facebook pages vs as a human.
  • Don't pipe twitter directly into facebook. Add it manually. (this is all about social media)
  • Use FollowerWonk to find twitter followers in your area both semantic and geographic.
  • Build out local pages to get into local directories.

Now, onto Leading Authorities. They're an agency for speakers. Can get individuals to rank well.

Immediate suggestions:

  • About me: Example Tom Critchlow. Make the site's about pages look more like this.
  • Most advice centers around getting the clients to link back more directly back to you.

Now on to Soccer Tickets:

  • Use facebook comments. They're indexible. You put a widget on your site to increase engagement. Use the activity plugin for Wordpress that aggregates activity across your site.
  • Next suggestion: Make the site look more authentic. Looks like you're trying to rank for SEO.


  • Panda (a google search index update) affected long tail keywords, not big ones. However, if you had a lot of low quality content, it will drag down your whole site.
  • Key insight here: This is a commercial site. How can you get other commercial sites to link to you? Offer them a service like a sunglass finder.


  • Hit by Panda for site format. Looks too much like an ezine. Key issue: Don't go into popups. You have to have the same amount of unique content as you do advertising.
  • After all SEO details are covered: You know this page likely won't convert well either.
  • Get on facebook and get people to tag your brand on facebook.
  • Overall gist: Make the whole thing more human interactive.

Random tips:

  • Advanced google search like: best * interior *, to get sites you're interested in.


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