Friday, February 4, 2011

Web resources for a masters course in search marketing

I think people face two issues in learning search marketing:

  • Knowing where to start
  • Having the discipline to stick with the inevitable drudgery

In this post, I'm going to list some web resources that seem good to me. I have not made final decisions about them but will likely use some of them in a new course for masters students that I will be launching next fall. In that course, part of what students will be doing is managing and developing ongoing pay per click advertising campaigns.

Here's the list:

  • Search Engine Land. Search Engine Land runs Search Marketing Expo (SMX), one of the two premiere search marketing conferences. This publication's atom feed does not provide full articles, a major irritant.
  • Search Engine Watch. Search Engine Watch runs Search Engine Strategies (SES), the other leading search marketing conference. My current plan is to attend the August SES conference in San Francisco. This publication's atom feed also does not provide full articles, again a major irritant.
  • Search Engine Journal. This publication tends to be a bit more basic. Based on reactions I've had from people I've shared articles with, it explains the underpinnings of search marketing quite well. Further, SEJ provides full articles in its atom feed, a major plus in my book.
  • SEOMoz is more for people already knowledgeable in the ways of search marketing. I find it allows me to get deeper into nuts and bolts of search marketing. It also provides full atom feeds.