Friday, April 29, 2011

Non-profit AdWords Internship Opportunity

This is a great opportunity for a student looking to build his or her skills. The pay starts out reasonably for someone who has not yet garnered significant professional experience. If you succeed at opportunities like this one, expect your pay to go up over by a good multiple over a short period of time.

If you're interested, contact me, and I will forward you the contact person.

Here's the job description:

Per our conversation in March, I am very interested in recruiting one or two of your students to work with several of the organizations participating in our federally funded nonprofit capacity building project. See the list of these organizations below.

We are looking for students who have done well in your class on Google marketing and want additional hands-on experience.  We have budget to pay them $12 per hour.  Based on my conversation with you we are projecting that each organization would need an average of two to three hours per week of onsite support and assistance. This could vary by organization, given the range of experience and sophistication in marketing, and use of the Internet by the staff at these organizations.

This “internship” or consulting assignment would begin in late April or by May 1 with the first two organizations on the list below. We hope that the next three would have their official acceptance and account established sometime between mid-May and the beginning of June.

The work schedule, days of the week and hours per week, time onsite vs offsite, would be worked-out with each organization.

This opportunity would continue through the Fall term, although the work in the Fall would likely be less intensive.  In the Fall the hourly compensation rate would be increased.

Our objective is to help the organizations build their own capacity to continue to use this marketing channel, and to make maximum use of the Google AdWords dollars.


Accepted, final information submitted, and awaiting  account set-up:

1. Grandmont-Rosedale Community Development Corporation

2. Mercy Education Project

Awaiting acceptance into the AdWords program (expected very soon - applied September 2010):

1. Jefferson East Business Association

2. Abayomi Community Development Corporation

3. POWER Inc.

I appreciate you sharing this with your students, and welcome any recommendations you may care to make as to students who would be particularly appropriate for this opportunity.

Your students should contact me if they are interested.

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