Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best of the first week of search marketing practicum posts

This will be a periodic series this spring and summer on the best of the search marketing practicum student presentations. Students present their progress each week in optimizing their non-profit clients' conversion process. The analysis is far reaching and may range from audience selection to landing page redesign.

A few key facts:

  • Students are working with non-profits with online ad spends sometimes on the order of $10k per month.
  • Up to this point, the ad campaigns have typically been optimized for click-through-rate, not conversion.
  • The landing pages are often in no way optimized for conversion.
  • The students are green. They've taken a hands-on class in pay-per-click advertising, but they are brand new to conversion optimization and Google Analytics.

With that aside out of the way. This week's top presentation was produced by Adam DeVergilio and David Hardcastle. I should point out that Adam and David created the presentation just one week into reading one of our course books, Conversion Optimization, and meeting the non-profit, Liberty at Home, virtually for the first time.

So, without further ado:


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