Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fluency Media is hiring, and we have a contact

I met with a former student from Fluency Media, a growing digital marketing firm in Ann Arbor. They're currently going from a firm of 20 to 24. If you're wondering about the type of clients they have, Fluency Media handles the the digital side of the Pure Michigan campaign among others.

Here's the link to Fluency Media's employment page. In this time when most are firms are talking about layoffs or "shared sacrifice", it's great to see an industry where many firms are willing to compete for the right talent.

Who is the right talent? From my talk with the student, the following are definite pluses:

  • Google certification (this applies to a number of students from last year's web marketing practicum)
  • Social media
  • Multimedia (youtube, video, interactive)

If you're a current or former student, a great way to proceed is to email Search, Social, and Mobile, and I'll connect you.

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  1. Bud,
    Nice. Content AND connections!

    Don't we live in a beautiful world?