Monday, August 29, 2011

A few links relating to the Google+ real names policy

Google+'s real name policy can bite you and get you kicked off Google+. While that might not seem so bad, it also impacts other services. If you're going to use Google+ you have to accommodate it. So, here are a few links relating to things you need to be careful of when indicating your name on Google+:

  • The actual policy itself. Note that it takes 10 paragraphs, one of them outlining an appeals process, that you have to follow in order for your name to be considered acceptable. Fortunately, most people will be fine just using the name they use when interacting socially, like they do in every day life.
  • Danah Boyd's critique of Google+'s real name policy.
  • Eric Schmidt's indication that Google is going to stick to its guns on the policy.

In my intro to search marketing class, we're going to use Google+, in part to step right into the middle of this controversy. I am going to recommend to students that they use an alternative gmail account, as that seems only prudent should one run afoul of the policy.


  1. They don't really seem to be that strict about it anymore... I see people with obviously fake names all the time. Which I think is great, because there's no point in implementing a "real name" policy when you can just use a fake real name... what difference does it make if my fake name is "John Doe" or "Oingo Boingo"?

    - Fred

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