Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If you're doing Google Analytics, you need to be aware of the developer docs

If you're following any of my other streams, you'll know I'm at Google I/O this week. It's a fire hose of learning. One key discovery was the Analytics talk that I managed to attend at yesterday's bootcamp. There's a new async bit of code for the analytics tracker that pretty much everyone should use. One of the key issues of using analytics with your web site is that fetching the javascript code that powers it can slow down page loads. The async code pretty much solves that issue on very recent browsers and keeps things ok on slightly older browsers.

One issue I'll bring up with analytics. Google needs to stop iterating the basic code snippet. I understand why they're doing it, but now that they have a mechanism that seems to work well and be fairly future proof, they should stop. Every time you have to go through and redo the basics, it worries casual users and provides just one more thing to do for advanced users.

Here's a link to the analytics api site. It looks really good.

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